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Moses Hershko Development (MHD) is a Bay Area based high-end interior design firm specializing in upscale bespoke real estate development.

Years in interior design and real estate development

ith years of experience , our design aesthetic is both multicultural and modern. We marry the finest European materials with the most cutting edge construction technology to create unique homes, hotels and restaurants. Our philosophy is to harmonize design, craft and technology in order to create modern architectural beauty.

By using the latest developments in technology, the MHD team easily rises above our competitors. Our advanced customized renderings capture every single aspect of your future site, from the exact dimensions of the interior space down to the most minute construction details. We've found that these complex images give our clients the opportunity to fully envision a project before any highly labor-intensive, and highly expensive, construction processes gets underway. Beyond these specialized renderings, our team has a deep understanding of the most state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques in the industry. We employ technology to bring dream buildings into reality.

From design through materials selection and on to construction, we have a team and resources that are unparalleled. Our interior designers can make dreams reality, we have relationships with the best suppliers from all over the world and thanks to extensive experience in construction and development, we are able to approach each of our projects in a truly holistic way.